What does it cost to have Copy written?

I’d like to say ‘How long is a piece of string?’ but that doesn’t help you. I know that you have a marketing budget, I know that you would like to get sterling copy that influences and sells, for the lowest possible price.

You’re trying make a buck and so am I. That’s why I have set prices per job, so that you have certainty and I can feed the family.


P.S. The more information, that you can provide the lower price applies. If you provide very little information, with no research, then the higher price applies.


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Landing & Sales Pages: Ranges between $120- $200 for 400 words/ 1 A4 page 

Web Content Pages: Ranges between $80 -$140- for 400 words/ 1 A4 page

Email Marketing & Nurture: Ranges between $80- $160 for 400 words /1 A4 page (lower price applies if we doing at least 3x follow up emails) 

Your Copy Edited: Ranges between $40- $60 for 400 words/ 1 A4 page