Some frequently asked Questions that you may have about using me, as your Freelance Copywriter.


Q: What information should I provide to a copywriter, for the proposed project?
A:  As much information as you possibly can, where you feel it’s relevant to your project. You can download the copywriting project questionnaire here.
Q: How long does it take to write, and what is the waiting time to start? 
A: Normally not more than 1-2 days, and never more than a week for 400 words. The waiting time to start is usually a week. However, if it’s longer than 2 weeks and you’re not prepared to wait, then you should consider finding another copywriter, so that your project is not delayed.
Q: Can I suggest changes?
A: Absolutely, it’s important that my copy matches your ideas and marketing plan.
Q: Do we have to meet in person?
A: No, because travel time is a waste of time (yours & mine). Phone discussions and emails prove to be the most productive way to get the job done.
Q: What if I live in another Country?
A: Once again, we are only a phone call apart or an email away. Distance is not an impediment to a successful result.
Q: I would like to write my own copy, can you edit it for me?
A: Absolutely, just email it to me, so that I add value and style to it, for you.
Q: If I’m not happy with the copy, do I need to pay for it?
A: No. There is no risk attached to using me as your Copywriter.
Q: Can I discuss my project with you, before I commit?
A: Yes, I allocate 6x 30minute $FREE and OBLIGATION FREE phone conversations per week. Just ring me on the number in the header. 


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