The Best Landing Pages, use Formula Tested Page Designs, that’ll Skyrocket your Results …. Let the Landing Page do the Hard Selling for you. 

I write Purpose Built,  Stand-Alone, Formula Tested 

Landing Pages 

best landing pages

Well structured and well written Landing Pages, make the best Landing Pages. We both know that they’re vitally important in selling your product or capturing a new lead. The Best Landing Pages do the pre-selling for you, making closing the sale so much easier. 


Working together, this service includes:  

  • Researching your customer demographic, your product, and what your competitors are doing.
  • Formulating a strategy, Headline, Copy and Layout, based on my research will create the best landing pages, that will convey a ‘Feel Good’ experience in order keep your visitors reading.
  • Direct Response Copy, which elicits interest, creates desire by clearly showing the benefits of your product And thereby convince them to click through to your shopping cart, or to capture a lead with your  ‘Opt In’.  


Product Sales Pages

I write Product Pages for your Website, with Words and Layouts, which do the selling for you.

visitor centric

Working together, this Service Includes:

• Using a tested and proven Product Page Design.

• Researching your product, who’s buying it and why.

• Deciding on a feature, which makes your product stand above your competition. When your competitors are selling the same type of  product creating the right USP can be a deal maker or breaker. Let’s get this right and take the sale. 

• Applying Headlines, Content &  Proprietary Copywriting Techniques which will engage, inform and sell.

best landing pages

Here a couple of Case Studies demonstrating the success achievable using this method 


Cameron Thompson Website designer 

These are under construction