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Headline: Will your church add 31 members this year with the tap of a finger?

Have you had a chance to look over the latest Census Results released by the ABS? I think you’d agree that it wasn’t good news for Australian Christian Churches.

In 1966, 88% of Australians identified themselves as Christian. It’s now down to only 52%. While the number of Ozzies with no religion at all is at 30%. Further all the major denominations saw their numbers fall a few percentage points from the 2011 Census.

But there was a beckon of light shining through the gloom, did you know there were some Churches which defied the trend?

Some Churches actually grew strongly. If yours wasn’t one of them, then I bet you’d like to know how they did it? What did they do differently to achieve such strong upward growth, in a downward trend?

Well, if you’d like know how they did it, then keep reading.

But firstly it’s not what you think, it wasn’t just light shows, electric guitars and smoke machines. There is another crucial element which I’ll get to shortly.

But I need to make a point a vital point before, before I share this missing element with you.

You see, most Churches are conservative, in fact way too conservative and are too slow to change. And as a result they are letting an opportunity for steady growth pass them by.

Let me explain.

I think you’d agree that our culture is changing rapidly, but many Churches are tenaciously clinging to the past, and as a consequence are disconnected from today’s ‘connected generation’, who see the Church as irrelevant.

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In a moment I’m going to share a breakthrough with you that has the potential to put your church on the upward growth curve and best of all it’s just so simple, you’ll barely believe it when you hear what I’m about to share with you.

I can tell you that there’s a really simple way, that you can connect your Church with the “connected generation”, so that you can start reaching the techno savvy, social media addicted generation with the gospel, in their space, in a way that they can instantly relate to.

Take a deep breath.
Fluro is a start-up software company, (which I’ll tell you more about over the next few emails)
dedicated to revolutionising the way we do church, and to bringing your church into the digital age, through its intelligent Church admin software. And it’s way more than just another piece of software.

It’s a revolutionary tool purpose designed for your Church’s success.

I’d like you to dare to imagine, having a Church website with stunning graphics, with customisable forms, such as prayer requests reaching out to the broken, with downloadable documents and video, explaining our message, all witnessing 24/7 on your behalf.

But it gets better, imagine, having a robust social media platform from which your team members or photographer can upload or access with ease your images, and then post them into your social media accounts. Giving your people the opportunity to share with their non-Christian friends the excitement, which is growing your church.

How to easily add 31 new members to your Church in a year.
But there’s even more, did you know that by just doing one very simple step within Fluro you could passively add 31 new members to your fellowship every year? (Assuming 1 new person visits your church every week)

Here’s where it gets interesting, a number of church studies have shown that only 8% of visitors stay, if there’s no immediate follow up.

However if a visitor receives personal contact within 24 hrs of attending your church, the percentage increases to a whopping 60%.

With the tap of a team member’s finger, Fluro can make this happen in your Church. The phone numbers of your visitors are taken and entered into your team member’s mobile phone app. Then the next day the team member, assigned to follow up visitors will be sent an automated message containing the phone numbers of your visitors, asking them to call your visitors, too easy.

This is only one small feature, housed in just one of the applications found in Fluro, which’ll extend your Church’s reach further.

Watch this space because over the coming days, I’m going to share with more information on Fluro. The Church admin software which will empower and transform your Church.