As they say ‘There’s Money in the List’

But you need a Lead Generation Plan, in order to build a List, then there’s Lead Nurture and Lead Conversion.

I can help you because I have a Lead Generation Plan, which has been proven to work. And it’s really simple to follow.  

I’m happy to share it with you, (it’s outlined below) and I can assure you that when you implement my Plan, you’ll have some success, but…………………

Not the resounding success, nor profits that you could make, if you were to use  a trained copywriter to do it for you. 

The formula is easy to follow, but writing the copy for it is more than putting some sentences together in a logical order, then hoping that it will convince your readers to buy from you. 

The  Art of Direct Response Copywriting takes; training, practice and discipline to learn. Let’s be honest, we both know you’re talented, brilliant and good looking, but…………………. do you have the time to learn this skill ? 


Let’s look at My Lead Generation Plan 

1. A Call Out: Placing an online, attention grabbing advertisement on Social Media, Google Adwards or Private Advertising (on website in your industry or niche).  The Headline of the Call Out appeals to a Specific audience, which has a need or an interest, in which your business operates.

2. The Call Out offers them something of VALUE for FREE: (a Report, Instructional Video, a News Letter) which you supply in exchange for your prospect’s name and  email address via an ‘opt in’. This action takes place on a purpose built Landing Page. 

3. Nurturing your Leads through Email: Now that you have new subscribers on your list, you can start the delicate and precarious process of relationship building by offering even more VALUE. This is done to establish TRUST between your business and the subscriber, 

4. Converting Subscribers into Sales: Once you’ve reach the TRUSTWORTHY phase in your relationship with your subscribers, you are in a position to start selling to them. They will pay attention because your emails have earned instant recognition, with a reputation of honest advice, which has proven to be helpful.  

I want you to know that this Plan is 101+% dependable   ……….. it works. However as you can see there’s a lot of work (primarily copywriting) required to generate a list, nurture it and the convert it.  Take a look at the amount of copy that needs to be created  ➡ 


leading generation

Let’s look at the copy, that you need 

1. The Free Report (the hook-lead magnet)

2. The standalone purpose built Landing Page. 

3. The Nurturing Emails before making your sales offer  (minimum of 4)

4. The final offer, is where you need lethal copy that a makes your sales offer, so compelling that your prospects can’t resist it. 

5. Then there’s the life time value of the customer. Now that they’ve made their first purchase, you don’t want it to be their last. So you guessed you it, you need more copy to sustain the relationship, more high value emails and sales offers.

I can do this for you, …………….this is what I do. Grow your list, feed your list and then you reap the harvest, of more sales.  


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