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1st May 2018

Imagine with me, a single page with 40 lines of this code “A-T, G-C or T-A, C-G” written across and down the page, and where this code is repeated line after line, but in a different sequences. Now imagine, that there are 1,000 pages in this one book of code. Again where the code is repeated endlessly.

What could we say about this book? Well, we can be absolutely certain that it won’t be a best seller. And secondly that’s a lot of code.

But let’s take it further, because there is just not enough code. You see for the book of life, and for your life to exist, we need 10,000 of these books, each with 1,000 pages and each with 40 lines of code on every page.

In scientific parlance there are 3,000,000,000 nitrogenous base pairs (Adenine-Thymine & Guanine-Cytosine) or 6,000,000,000 bases that make up our DNA. However, if the sequence of any of the bases is out of the correct order, at any point on one of those lines of code, in the 10,000 books, then disability or death will occur.

That’s amazing, DNA is the instruction manual found on the 23 paired chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell in our bodies. All 50 trillion of them have this same code.

The First Miracle to Become an Atheist.

As an Atheist, to account for the 3 trillion base pairs being in the precise sequence (the 10,000 books of code), then you need to believe that a something (definitely not someone, because that would be inconvenient), or some process took place, which Science is yet to discover, ordered that sequence. (But they know for sure that it will be a non-supernatural source)

So Atheists need to believe in a miracle. Namely, that what obviously required a vastly superior Mind to write the code, didn’t write the code. Because you need to believe there isn’t a god (that requires miracle), so he couldn’t have written the code.

To drive home my point, I draw your attention to the analogy made by the famous astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle (of the Big Bang theory), in conjunction with Chandra Wickramasighe (both atheists) after exhaustive mathematical analysis applied to the proposition that life began from time, chance and the inherent chemical properties of matter, they concluded that holding to the position that time, chance and matter started life is like saying a ‘tornado sweeping through a junk yard assembled a Boeing 747, from the materials lying around’

You have to admire their faith, believing in this miracle, when all the evidence is contrary to their belief.

Algorithms are the Product of Intelligent Thought

But here’s the thing, in our modern world, everything from the internet to train timetables, from traffic lights to the block-chain of cryptocurrencies and everything else we interact with in everyday life, has some form of code behind it.

These codes or algorithms, although created by very clever people, are nonetheless crude and puerile when compared to the DNA code found on our 23 paired chromosomes. And yet while Atheists are ready to laud man’s technological triumphs and gladly attribute them to great human minds (which created a rudimentary code), they will not acknowledge a Mind far greater, which created an infinitely superior code.

Their shameless hypocrisy is breath-taking. If a simple Mind can make a simple code, then it follows irrefutably, that a great Mind can make a tremendously complex one. So what prevents them from accepting this? Pride and hostility against God. The decision not to believe in God is not intellectual, but moral.

Christians and Miracles

I put the question to you, is believing in Miracles so crazy? What’s more plausible to believe that a great Mind of immeasurable intellect wrote the infinitely complex code of our DNA, or believe that it was the result of time, chance and the inherent properties of matter?

I put it to you that we know of no other explanation for the origin of DNA coding, except that it requires a Mind for it to be designed. Its design can’t be attributed to mere chance even over the course of billions of years.

Sadly, as to be expected our kids will be brain-washed with anti-God inspired propaganda, taught as Science at a school near you. Telling them that it was an accident, brought about by natural processes.

Notwithstanding, we should lift our heads high. The God who designed the code, designed you and I he knows our code intimately. He cares about us, let’s give to him, the praise that is rightfully His.

Oh Yeah! The other four miracles, well I’ll do them some other time.