I think you’d agree that our homes are meant to be more than just a place where we sleep and eat. Our home ought to be a place of refuge after a long, busy day. A place to recharge after work or relax on the weekend and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m Dominic Koessler, the Director of Timber Bau. A company passionate about transforming your current home into a place; where you and your family can connect, and where innovative design, the use of contemporary and diverse building materials, inspired by artistic expression, coalesce to create an ambience that will both delight and inspire you.

Although we specialise in additions, outward or upward, in attic conversions and kitchen-lounge and bathroom renovations. Nonetheless to us every building project is unique, and not just another set of walls and a roof.

Rather our aim is to transform the place where you happen to live, into a space where you want to be. A place which is quintessentially you. Where the critical balance between light and air, the uninterrupted movement from an indoor, to an outdoor environment align in harmony.

Given the opportunity to help you with your next building project, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.