Hire a Christian Copywriter, Based in Australia.          

(But Copy written for clients around the world)

Being a Christian Copywriter offers the high privilege of bringing God’s values and hope to a broken world, and to do good for those in need.

From the standpoint of a Christian Organization using a Christian as your Copywriter, means we’re both on the same page.

As a follower of Jesus, I get it. You don’t need to explain the ethical standards which underpin your business model, because I understand them and follow them myself.

The types of Christian Copywriting, which I do, for the Christian market includes (but is not limited to)

Xn direct response

Direct Response Sales Letters for Appeals, Emails and Christian Products


Content for your Website Pages.

Xn landing

Facebook Ads & Landing Pages for Lead Generation.

Xn event

Strategic Planning of your Campaign or Event – I can turn your concept into a scheduled program.

Xn Social

Social Media & Blogs for engagement with your target audience.

Christian copywriter blogging

Take a look at some the Christian Articles, which I’ve written

Christian copywriter - free offer

As an enticement, let me make to you the following offer.

I’d like to write a mini project for you.

Let’s say up to 500 words, for FREE.

This way you can see whether we’re good fit for further ongoing paid work, and I can help your cause with no risk or expense to your organization.

There’s no obligation to continue, if you don’t like the copy. There’s no need to pay for it. That’s right! It’s Genuinely FREE.

christian Copywriter

Pre- eminent among Christian symbols is the Cross of Christ, which signifies His triumph over sin and death.

However, did you know that Chi – Rho (the first two Greek letters in the word Christos), which Constantine had painted on his soldiers’ shields before he went into battle, against his brother-in-law Maxentius, at the Milivan Bridge (311AD), is the most poignant and pivotal symbol for the history of Western Civilization.  

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My Background & Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts:  Focused on the period covering C4th BC to C5th AD,  with special interest in the milieu of the C1st century, the time of Christ.

Bachelor of Christian Studies:  Covering theology and New Testament Greek, which read daily

Christian Copywriting Course:  An AAWI course.

A practicing member of our Local Church

Currently I’m a guest writer for Christianity Today (Australia)

and marker for their Young Christian Writers.