What are Long (& Short) Sales Letters?
We've all read them, they are those annoyingly, interminably, long letters that we get in the mail which are trying to sell us something but seem to take forever, to make their point. As frustrating as they are to read, nonetheless they are an art form and they're profitable. Research shows that the conversion rate on a Long Sales Copy Letter sent in the mail is about 3.40%. Not much, you think! However, consider the arithmetic, if you have a data base of 200,000 and 3.40% of them buy your product, that's 6,800 items sold. If your profit per item after expenses is $20- let's say, then you have made $136,000 profit, which better than a kick in the teeth.

How do Sales Letters Work?

Sales Letters are a literary genre in their own right. Invisible to reader, lies a literary structure within the Sale's Letter designed to awaken their attention, captivate their interest, then arouse desire (they must have this product) and finally compel them to buy it (or take some other action). It's a step by step process, working on prospects emotions because people buy things for emotional, and not rational reasons.

I have outlined only the basic scaffolding of a Sales Letter. However as you are aware, there are far more elements and nuances involved in writing them. Consequently the craft of constructing powerful Sales Letters takes a long time to master. If you don't have the time or patience to learn, then you can employ a copywriter. Here are some examples of the Sales copy, I've written.

However, If you'd like some tips on crafting your own Sale's Letters, then try this link -it's free.

The Difference between Web Content and Sales Letters.

If you're trying to influence your customers to buy something or generate leads then you need a Sales Letter. You need compelling copy that causes them to take action. This applies to Sales Letters that are directly mailed to customers or to web page Sales letters. The latter uses the same principles but is modified for SEO purposes and impact.

If you're trying provide interesting content, to drive visitors to your website and stay engaged with your business or website but not directly interested in selling them something, then you don't need a Sales Letter. You want well written copy, that educates, stimulates and engages your visitors so that they keep coming back for more.
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